Note that there are three types of light, symbolizing salvation, revela-tion (illumination), and God’s glory. These three light the tabernacle:

  1. The Outer Court is lit with natural light (sunlight) and at night some light from the burning sacrifice on the brazen altar. God reveals salvation by shedding light on a historical, earthly event – the death of His Son, the Lamb of God. Sunlight (natural) was not allowed into the Holy Place or Holy of Holies.
  2. The Holy Place has the light from the candlestick and some light from the altar of incense (both symbolism of a spiritual light). This is revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit as well as praise and worship to God.
  3. The Holy of Holies is lit only by the glory of God. We believe the majority of us have not experienced the revelation that comes in the manifest presence of God. We have something incredible to look forward to that exceeds anything the transhumanist movement might have in mind regarding an upgrade to humankind’s physical ability, mental capacity, or a high-speed, direct brain-link to the Internet to search Google!

Clearly, the same Divine Pattern resides with the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. God’s Plan at the end of the age is to bring the Church into the Holy of Holies, manifest His glory to the Church, and then through His Body that it might present His glory to a dying and desperate world. God wants His cloud of glory to again fill the house of God, the Church. For now, we should understand, This Pattern of the Tabernacle can be summed up as Jesus Christ the Lord – who portrays the very pattern for the Church.

God’s Pattern for Restoration, The Tabernacle © Gary Huffman 2017

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